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It all started with food. I believe food brings people together, anywhere, anytime, through all of our history. Your family, your friends, your crews, your dates, even you and me. We connect. We share ideas, stories, appreciation, love and care. The botanicals in tea, the umami in miso soup, the new flavor profile combination, we experience something new together, and we share something we know. We want to be the place where these things happen for you! Done with the hospitality we’ve carefully created.  

We are building a company that people can trust, who encourages growth, educates, and supports the communities. Botan Hospitality promotes diversity, equality, equity and the value of ethnicity.  Naturally, there are always challenges. Learn from them and grow as we go along. We, at Botan Hospitality, are continually adapting and applying new ideas to our operation to better serve you and the rest of the world around. If you’ve gotten to this line, you have just learned about our company. Remember, it’s all started with the food! 

Thank you for the support, 

Chai Ploentham