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Located in the heart of the Delmar Loop, the most diversified street in St. Louis, neighbored by Washington University, Blue Ocean is a space for vibrant culture, eclectic music, an extensive bar program, and Asian food that are inspired by streets of Tokyo. Sushi and ramen are what we are undeniably known for. You will find authenticity and creativity in both our food and bar menu. Our ramen noodles are exclusively sourced, made of Missouri grain in south St. Louis. Our recipes were inherited from the formerly known Hiroshi Seki, that had been well known among Japanese and surrounding communities of St. Louis for twenty-five years prior to our conception. 

The restaurant namesake comes from a business textbook, “The Blue Ocean Strategy” that just so happened to be on my desk while I was registering my first company online in 2008.  Coincidentally, it has also been guiding the company’s direction for the past fourteen years. Welcome to Blue Ocean. I hope you enjoy what we do. 


Chai Ploentham


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